Customer Proximity is our Vocation

In our opinion, our relationship with our customers is a unique and valuable asset. Therefore, we maintain close contact with our customers and consistently guarantee a high quality of services and products.

Our excellent team of product managers, sales representatives and in-house hotline staff ensure a high degree of customer proximity and a quick, competent and targeted response to your problems.

Additionally, a web portal for fault messages is available for our service contract customers.

Service Competence Center

Our IDS Service Team is available to help you from Monday to Friday, 08:00 hrs a.m. until 05:00 hrs p.m.

Your call is taken and passed on directly to the service team. Our hotline service staff is happy to help you (charges as per the currently valid Service Price List).

If it is not possible to resolve a problem via telephone, we are able to offer you on-site service operations.

Moreover, we are also able to offer you maintenance services if required.

Spare parts/Contact:
Please send deficient modules to:

Nobelstr. 18
76275 Ettlingen

For orders or enquiries, please contact our IDS Service Competence Center (phone: +49 (0) 72 43/2 18-9 90).

Service and Maintenance

To support our customers in the smooth and trouble-free operation of their systems, we offer service contracts for the following services:

Hotline System Service

  • At fixed times, our IDS specialists are available on short notice.
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Period of availability: 8/5 hours/day, upgradable to 6/7 or 24/7

Your Benefit: Our expert service staff provide prioritized support to you via a secure maintenance access.

On-site System Service

  • Upgrade of the hotline system service through on-site support
  • Support of your staff through experienced experts on site
  • Service available within eight working hours
  • Fixed prices for service

Your Benefit: Our staff is on your premises within the agreed time. If required, we exchange defective hardware - without any fuss.

On-site Service and Hardware Stocks

  • Expansion of on-site support service by hardware stocks
  • We guarantee availability of selected hardware components at fixed prices
  • Delivery withon 24 hrs
  • Obsolescence management

Your Benefit: We eliminate hardware faults as quickly as possible. Moreover, we organize compatible replacements in the event that a specific component is no longer available.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Annual checks of software and hardware
  • Enhanced access speed
  • Test of performance resources

Your Benefit: We use preventive maintenance to minimize outage risks and to optimize your performance.

Software Update Service

  • Continuous improvement of our software products
  • Availability of new patches
  • Continuous integration of new customer requirements
  • Integration of new requirements on IT security
  • Compliance of software with new operating systems

Your Benefit: You profit from new functions from various customer projects and protect your investments through regular upgrades. As far as security goes, you are always up to date.

Upgrade Options: IT Security

  • Cyclic and event-controlled patching
  • Test of system hardening
  • Update of network documentation
  • Check of redundancy concept
  • Monitoring of access from outside
  • Test of back-ups

Your Benefit: Increase your IT security through a continuous improvement process and higher investment protection for previous projects.

Upgrade Options: Service Contingent

  • You have access to a team of commissioning experts

Your Benefit: We have the right parnte for all requirements. You can place your orders without fuss, simply by making a phone call.

Upgrade Options: Training Courses

  • You can participate in all courses of IDS GmbH's traning program
  • You can use the IDS traing center

Your Benefit: In our training courses, our experts provide practical and continuous training for your staff. This is also useful within the context of ISMS certification.

Products and Spare Parts


Within the context of our product and delivery business, you can exclusively order hardware and software licences from the portfolio of the ACOS 7 series
Using our product business makes sense if you are already familiar with the products from our ACOS 7 series, if you regularly attend our training courses on telecontrol and/or have made a basic agreement with IDS GmbH.

Our Product Business
Our product business is governed by the laws regulating purchase contracts. Unless no other basic contract has been agreed upon, the General Terms and Conditions of IDS GmbH shall apply.

Please contact us to place your order. To process your order, we need your customer reference number, the name of your company and the contact on your side, as well as the delivery address and the required quantities and reference numbers of the parts to be delivered.

Please note that plugs, blind covers, cables and software licences must be listed separately in our order. Please click here to obtain information on the module status.
Additionally, you can find general product documentation in the download section under Automation and Telecontrol Devices.

Please note that, as a rule, we do not provide customer-specific documentation as part of our product business.
Small-scale orders (three or four RTUs) are usually processed and delivered promptly. For large hardware orders, the delivery term is specified in our order confirmation. Partial deliveries are also possible upon request.
Invoices are enclosed in the delivery.

The minimum order value is 250.00 EUR.

Spare Parts

Spare parts can be ordered via email and are sent to you as quickly as possible, depending on their their availability and the degree of urgency. Spare parts are invoiced with an extra charge of 15%.

Spare parts/Contact:
Please send deficient modules to:

Nobelstraße 18
76275 Ettlingen

Service Centers

Thanks to our nationwide network of service centers we are able to guarantee quick and reliable support close to you. We have service centers at the following locations:

  • 06114 Halle
  • 12526 Berlin (Subsidary)
  • 20095 Hamburg
  • 41462 Neuss
  • 44265 Dortmund (Subsidary)
  • 57290 Neunkirchen
  • 63303 Dreieich (near Frankfurt/M.)
  • 76275 Ettlingen (Headquarters)
  • A-8141 Unterpremstätten (Austria)



Further Information

Here you can download up-to-date information e.g. on the module status. Moreover, you can also find the spare parts dispatch note and the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of IDS GmbH. 

List of Modules

Module Status

(as per December 2017 – subject to technical modifications without prior notice).

General Conditions of Delivery