Telecontrol and SCADA system

Energie Südbayern GmbH is a supplier of natural gas with its headquarters in Munich. The company ensures the gas supply to the region of southern Bavaria via 13 service centres. For the operation and monitoring of gas pressure control and measuring systems, a HIGH-LEIT SCADA system is installed in each of the 13 service centres. Depending on the stage of completion and the size of the service centre, ten to thirty RTUs type IDS 850 and 550 are connected.

The HIGH-LEIT control system is installed in the Munich control centre; it is designed as a redundant computer system with redundant servers. Two workplaces are installed for administration and dispatching purposes. Process monitoring via office workplaces takes place via web server which is firewall-protected and connected to the control centre network.

Central Control System
System management itself takes place decentrally in the service centres via subordinate control systems featuring one or two workplaces each.

Apart from SCADA functions, the HIGH-LEIT system includes modules for the following tasks:

  • Monitoring and control of gas pressure control and measuring installations
  • Monitoring and control of water production plants
  • Take-over of parameters for gas demand optimisation
  • Interfaces to third-party systems via network
  • Visualisation via web server