Operation and Monitoring of the Traction Power Supply

Stadtwerke Bonn Verkehrs-GmbH (SWBV) (Public Transport Company) is in charge of the public local transport of the city of Bonn in West Germany. Approximately 78 million passengers use buses and railway services to travel along a line network with a total length of 125 km. Both the traction power supply network and the electrical installations at the stops are centrally monitored and controlled via the operations control room.

This central control room is the heart of the running bus and rail operations. As soon as the vehicles leave their depots, their course is monitored, managed, controlled and – if necessary – redirected by the station control team via the control system. During the day, the station control team is supported by the “Fault Management” system. The underground stops are monitored via the “Info Terminal”.

Various remote sites, such as signal boxes, transformer substations, flag stops, lifts, ticket machines, PA systems and monitoring cameras, are connected to the central control room via data lines.

Following an EU public tender, SWBV commissioned IDS with the installation of a redundant HIGH-LEIT SCADA system and telecontrol equipment. The choice of the system was determined by the following requirements:

  • Redundant system concept with commercially available hardware
  • Simple image generation in the control system and user-friendly data input
  • Operator convenience for users, staff on duty and administrators
  • Management of the HIGH-LEIT SCADA system and of the ELA system (Electro-Acoustic System), of the Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) for public local transport, and of the GIS and emergency call systems via a common user environment, with each system preserving its autonomy
  • Connection via a transparent network
  • Connection of the old AEG telecontrol protocols

Apart from the SCADA functions, a topology module and a simulation module are available. The “switching sequence recorder” is used for the recording of recurrent switching operations. The “world map” function with compression facilities enable the realisation of several thousand image objects. The staff on call duty is supported by a powerful alarm concept.

Telecontrol System
The connection to the telecontrol system is implemented via an already existing transparent network (OTN) (ring structure). Communication takes place via IEC 60870-5-104 protocol.

The commissioned system is a modular IDS 850 telecontrol system which, after a three-year conversion phase, will completely replace the old telecontrol system.