Traction Power Supply for the Tramway Network in Chemnitz

Chemnitzer Verkehrs-AG (CVAG) is the public transport company in Chemnitz/Eastern Germany, transporting ca. 100,000 passengers daily to their destinations. The transport network is continually being upgraded and expanded to ensure the quick, safe and comfortable transport of all passengers.

The tramway’s traction power supply system in the different sections of the transport network is monitored and controlled by the HIGH-LEIT control system. Due to the continual construction works in the city centre, disturbances of the traction power supply occur frequently, thus making it necessary to switch over to back-up cables and back-up power supplies via the redundant control system in the tramway’s control centre. Thanks to these back-ups, it is possible to continue tramway operations only within minutes after a disturbance.

Station Automation System
In the newly installed rectifier substations, the 10kV medium voltage supply is transformed into a 600 V DC traction power supply. For this purpose, the IDS LISA (IDS SAS) station automation system was consistently implemented in the substations.

In this pilot transportation project, the railroad network from Chemnitz to the surrounding areas is being used both by tramways and by the trains owned by Deutsche Bahn AG (German Rail). For this purpose, two voltage levels (600V DC and 750V DC) are monitored and controlled via the IDS Station Automation System IDS SAS (formerly known as IDS LISA).