Extensive Renovation of Transformer Stations in Karlsruhe

Over the past few years, Stadtwerke Karlsruhe Netzservice GmbH (SWKN) have brought their nine 110/20kV transformer stations up to the latest standard of technology. Apart from “Transformer Station West”, which is the most important transformer station in Karlsruhe, transformer stations "Blöße" and "Heide" were also renovated – all three in cooperation with IDS GmbH.

During the renovation and upgrading of Transformer Station West, the main focus was on the following tasks:

  • Consistent and uniform station concept based on the IEC 61850 protocol
  • Connection of the station to the existing control center
  • via the standardized IEC 60870-5-101 protocol
  • Connection of existing and new protection equipment via standardized protocols
  • Integration of voltage controllers

The concept of the planned station automation system in Transformer Station West is based on the new ACOS 750 SAS series of modular devices.

At the heart of the system are two identically configured CPUs which are in charge of communication with the control center, redundant line administration for the entire system and all system-wide functions. Communication of the CPUs with the bay level takes place via several IEC 61850 gateways which also are implemented redundantly. They are designed for assigning the data structure acc. to IEC 61850 to objects in accordance with IEC 870-5-104.

Transformer Stations "Blöße" and “Heide“
In parallel to the conversion of Transformer Station West in 2014, renovation works were executed in transformer stations “Blöße” and “Heide”. Those renovation works were necessitated by the respective age of the transformer stations. The concept for the renovation of ”Blöße“ and ”Heide“ transformer stations is identical to that of the station control system installed in Transformer Station West. However, whereas in Transformer Station West the 110kV system was newly installed and the 20kV system was kept, it was the other way round in "Blöße" and "Heide" transformer stations. In all three transformer stations, a new station automation system for the operation and monitoring of switchgear was installed as well.