ETS Romania Better Control and Better Service with HIGH-LEIT

Electrica Distribution Transilvania South (ETS) is a publicly owned company registered in Brasov supplying various Romanian districts with electricity. Since 2010, ETS has been using the HIGH-LEIT SCADA system from IDS. Apart from the m.v. grid, ETS now also operates the h.v. grid.

In the m.v. grid, all stations have already been integrated into the HIGH-LEIT SCADA system. Integration of all h.v. stations is currently under way; to-date, three h.v. transformer stations are already fully automated and integrated into the SCADA system. ETS are planning to finish automation and integration of further ca. 100 h.v. stations by 2017.

Advanced Functionalities
Thanks to the SCADA system’s advanced functions (e.g. Network simulation, topological colouring and load-flow calculation) and the fully-electronic documentation of grid operations, ETS was able to improve its service quality and, consequently, provide a better service to its customers.

Interface to Call Center via ACOS NMS
Moreover, the ACOS NMS network management suite has enabled the implementation of an interface between the existing call center software and the installed ERP system. The direct exchange of date between the call center software, the ERP system, the HIGH-LEIT SCADA system and ACOS NMS as data hub enables ETS to respond much more quickly to customer inquiries and complaints, thereby achieving a significant reduction of response time in the event of power cuts and providing more targeted and comprehensive information for customers.  

All in all, outage times caused by errors have been cut by up to 40%, thereby reducing travelling costs for ETS by up to 50%. With HIGH-LEIT and ACOS NMS, ETS is ideally equipped for future technological developments.