Energy Turnaround made Easy

The increasing number of installations and systems for the production of renewable energy - especially wind farms and photovoltaic plants - also makes increasing demands on an intelligent power grid and feed-in management. Against this background, Mittelhessen Netz GmbH was looking for a future-proof solution to replace its existing SCADA system.

IDS offered a scalable automation and telecontrol solution based on the HIGH-LEIT SCADA system which is used as multi-utility system for the operation and monitoring of electricity, gas and water networks. Visualization of technical processes is done via freely configurable graphic plant displays which enables user-friendly operation and a quick familiarization with the system. Another requirement was that IDS telecontrol technology could be smoothly integrated into Mittelhessen Netz GmbH’s infrastructure and that third-party protocols of the old systems could be easily connected.

The project was implemented in three phases: In a first stage, the new IDS HIGH-LEIT SCADA system was installed in a Client-Server architecture and parameterized to fulfil the requirements of Mittelhessen Netz GmbH. In the second phase, the system started in the listening mode; networks and stations were successively connected. Meanwhile, more than 200 installations are primarily equipped with IDS telecontrol technology. Thanks to the open and compatible structure of the HIGH-LEIT control center, staff can easily access and control their respective utilities via their own workstation. Following the successful conclusion of the test phase, the system could be started in the normal operating mode in the third phase, and has been running faultlessly ever since.

Scope of Functions/Benefits
Apart from the usual SCADA functions, the system also includes advanced decision and optimization functions, such as:

  • Electricity topology
  • Earth fault and short-circuit localization
  • Switching sequences
  • Simulation and review
  • Electricity and gas forecast
  • Ripple control with operations schedule function
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • ACOS NMS shift log
  • ACOS NMS switching records
  • ACOS NMS feed-in management

Feed-In Management
Within the context of the energy turnaround, the ACOS EEM feed-in management function plays a central role. This function enables the planning, registration and connection of renewable energy plants, the precise monitoring of low- and medium-voltage grids, as well as automatic adjustment of a plant’s power output. This enables plant owners to translate the legal requirements of the energy sources act on system responsibility (BDEW cascade) into automated processes.