A Success Story that goes back a long Way

For more than 30 years now, the multi-utility company HEW HofEnergie + Wasser (HEW) from Bavaria has relied on technology from IDS GmbH for the operation and monitoring of its power grids. In their more than 30-years' relationship, both companies have seen and successfully coped with a variety of political, entrepreneurial and technical changes.

Horst Dürrbeck, who is responsible for process control at HEW, has been with the company for more than 36 years and has worked with the installed SCADA system for over 25 years. He recalls: “Our first SCADA systems from IDS were rather bulky in terms of hardware, and very complex on the software side – in those days, we had to do a lot of manual configuration. A real big improvement were the connection and visualization of processes via PC in the Nineties. Over the years, the hardware became much more compact, and the software was improved by means of standardized and automated processes."

The Right Choice
Over the years, the networks and their monitoring system have been continually upgraded and adapted. An important feature is the ability of systems to “grow” so as to enable them to cope with ever-increasing demands.
For this reason, HEW decided to change over to the new HIGH-LEIT SCADA system in 1996/1997. "Our decision in favour of this scalable system was absolutely right. Thanks to its scalability, HIGH-LEIT offers maximum functionality, no matter what the market demands. To this day, the SCADA system is continually being expanded by new functions which become necessary e.g. through the rapid development of renewable energies. Solutions for feed-in management, intelligent transformer substations and mobile solutions for the service personnel, as well as security regulations can be quickly implemented thanks to HIGH-LEIT’s update capability.

System Configuration
The multi-utility SCADA system HIGH-LEIT is configured as duplex computer system with redundant servers. The local network whose active components are monitored via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) also has full duplex capabilities.

Advanced Functionalities
Over the past years, HEW has not only implemented extensive SCADA functions, but has also implemented and consistently upgraded functions for the optimization of the power, heat, gas and water supply.  

  • Topology and simulation in the power grid: HEW uses simulations for direct operations support.  
  • Load-flow calculation: Together with the topological visualization of the power grid, the load-flow calculation module was also implemented via HIGH-LEIT. For the calculations, parameters like grid topology, asset data, loads and infeeds were included.
  • Outage management and maintenance In case of faults occuring directly in the grid, HEW benefits for instance from the interface between HIGH-LEIT and ACOS NMS. Today, ca. 50 employees are involved in outage processes - from ca. 40 technicians to commercial staff.