Zwickauer Energieversorgung GmbH – Network Management System for Multi-Utility Company

Since 1996, ZEV GmbH owns a telecontrol and SCADA system from IDS GmbH which has been continually upgraded over the past years to include the latest technical developments. In May 2004, IDS GmbH was commissioned to implement a comprehensive network management system designed to support the “classic” tasks in the domains power, natural gas and district heating, and which was to include interfaces to all technical IT applications, including SAP/R3.

The network management system ACOS NMS from IDS GmbH supports the typical processes for network service and serves as a “data hub” for the integration of all the involved systems. Its tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • acquisition and management of all planned and unplanned activities in network operation
  • generation and administration of standard orders
  • preparation of switching records
  • support of the “planner” in the assignment of jobs to service units
  • clear and user-friendly visualisation of job lists
  • provision of data for fault and reliability statistics (VDN, DVGW)

The following ACOS NMS modules are used in ZEV’s network management system:

  • Asset management for hierarchical mapping of company structures
  • Maintenance management for the definition of criteria for maintenance activities and for the creation of maintenance orders
  • Workforce management for personnel and asset management and for the assignment of jobs, taking into account the availability, equipment and skills of the staff
  • Outage/Event management for standardised recording and documentation of faults, complaints and planned  interruptions of supply, automatic transmission of outage data from the network control centre, preparation of outage and reliability statistics and for support in the transfer of information between shifts
  • Order management for the management and processing of all orders from planned (maintenance) and unplanned (troubleshooting) activities in network operation

Manifold Benefits
Thanks to ACOS NMS, the amount of interfaces could be significantly reduced, and network operation processes have become more predictable and much faster. The use of Thin Clients has improved system operability and flexibility, and web orientation has reduced maintenance efforts.

In the future, the advantages of integrated network management will be enhanced through status-oriented maintenance and the user of mobile terminals. ACOS NMS is ideally suited and fulfils all the technical requirements for these environments.