Workforce Management with ACOS NMS

Transparent Order Management

The module for job order management and staff deployment enables you to efficiently assign maintenance and troubleshooting orders to your crew and to track their progress. The dispatcher who is in charge for staff deployment has access to all upstream processes (installation, network control, maintenance, troubleshooting) and assigns pending job orders to his teams.

Staff Deployment via Drag-n-DropThe graphic visualisation aids the planner in the coordination of his appointments, e.g. via Calender.

Mobile Status Recording
ACOS NMS enables the connection of terminal devices both on- and offline. Job order data are synchronized with the central server either manually or in automatic cycles.

With ACOS NMS, the mobile crews have a variety of functions at their disposal which aid them in their tasks on site, such as flexible check lists, as well as bar codes/QR codes, a photo function etc.

Interface to ERP
All costs and expenditures that have been recorded by means of ACOS NMS can be automatically exported to an ERP system (e.g. SAP); there, they can be booked to cost objects according to predefined rules and in a job-specific manner.
By these means, users can avoid double data inputs, thereby saving time and money.