Outage Management with ACOS NMS

Checklist Forms for Fault Registration

Incoming faults, events and complaints are registered completely via predefined entry forms by the call centre crew or the operative staff. Depending on the type of fault/alarm, various checklists are available for the description and classification of faults, thereby enabling staff to quickly and systematically respond to incoming alarms.

Controlled Fault Elimination with Workflow
Processing of faults is workflow-based and ranges from the registration of faults to the commissioning of maintenance measures through to the preparation of statistics and archiving of faults. Throughout the entire process, users are able to view the current status, and are notified automatically via email in the event of a status change.

Moreover, ACOS NMS helps you to stick to the 30-minute rule that applies to gas alarms: Within 30 minutes following the registration of an alarm, operators are reminded to follow up the alarm in time through various methods.

Interface to the Federal Network Agency and FNN (Network Technology Forum)
One of the principal benefits of ACOS NMS is that the fault data for electricity and gas registered in ACOS NMS can be used for the annual fault statistics of the German Federal Network Agency ((BNetzA) and the Network Technology Forum (FNN).

ACOS NMS communicates directly with the Federal Network Agency’s web service, thereby rendering the manual input of alarms into the alarm portal unnecessary.
An integrated plausibility check ensures that only correct data are passed on. A maintenance agreement enables you to make all the necessary adaptations to the interface to the Federal Network Agency.