Maintenance Management with ACOS NMS

VDE 0109 and DVGW
In order to fulfil all security and legal requirements, ACOS NMS includes utility-specific maintenance measures, such as:

  • VDE V 0109-1 and 0109-2
  • G 495 (Maintenance of gas installations)
  • G 498 (Transmission pressure vessels)
  • G 651 (Natural gas filling stations)
  • G 465-1 (Inspection of gas pipeline systems)
  • G 280-1 (Odorization)
  • G 401 (Assistance for the rehabilitation of gas distribution systems)
  • W 392 (water pipelines, fittings)
  • W 614 (Pumping stations)

Depending on the type of object, you can choose between different maintenance strategies: cyclic maintenance (with predefined deadlines), status-controlled maintenance (depending on status criteria) and priority-/risk-based maintenance. Both strategies can be easily combined with one another.