Asset Management with ACOS NMS

Predefined Sectors

Each sector (gas, water, electricity, ...) has its own specific requirements and focuses. The big benefit of the asset database in ACOS NMS is that the system has predefined workflows for each sector and every task which can be adapted to individual requirements. A parametrization tool is also included which facilitates the flexible complementation and management of further sectors and objects.

Type Database
The typification concept of ACOS NMS AM permits a categorisation according to manufacturer types or other categories, thereby enabling a standardized assessment of assets and reducing data management and upgrading efforts. This focus on the more reliable types of assets/equipment helps to reduce maintenance costs.

Parameterization Tool

ACOS NMS includes the parameterization tool ACOS Tools which enables you to create or adapt classes of assets/equipment, checklists and outage forms, thereby allowing for an easy adaptation to your operational requirements.

Apart from data types, you can also define characteristics like mandatory fields or information texts as well as the structure of attributes in a form. ACOS Tools enables you to expand the data model at any time, e.g. by adding fire extinguishers or telecommunication equipment.

Document Management

Whether you are looking for manufacturer data, service and maintenance instructions or technical diagrams and plan sets: all the relevant documents of a specific type of asset are available in a centralised database – both via the office client and mobile devices. A file upload function enables authorized users to link new documents to specific assets/equipment.

GIS Interface

Thanks to the integration and synchronisation of all commercially available GIS systems, the redundant input and storage of data are a thing of the past. Furthermore, ACOS NMS enables the visualisation of all assets via maps.