3D Digitialization with ACOS NMS REAL

In the future, the staff of utility companies are able to move freely through a 3D image of their different installations (e.g. transformer stations) directly from their control centre – provided that they are using our new 3D imaging module of our ACOS NMS asset information and maintenance system.

Benefits of ACOS NMS REAL:

  • Scanning of your plants and installations with ultra-modern camera and laser technology
  • Creation of a deep and accurate database
  • Exact plans and a 360° panoramic view of your installations
  • Operators are able to move in digital space and follow e.g. pipelines or power lines
  • Distances no longer need to be covered physically
  • Virtual surveys
  • Access to all data from all standard mobile terminals via 3D Indoor Viewer
  • Storage of knowledge/documents on any given system component via reference points (= Point of Interest/PoI).

    How does it work?

    1. Scan

    We scan your system on-site by means of the latest technology. For this purpose, we are using e.g. six high-resolution cameras and three high-resolution 3D laser scanners.

    2. Data Processing

    The scanned information is processed into a 3D-data base and a 3D-model. It is transferred into the ACOS NMS REAL database, enriched with tags and POIs and so linked to the asset management data base.

    3. 3D Data Visualisation

    The data of your system are now available in the ACOS NMS 3D Indoor Viewer for a virtual stroll and for further processing.

    What can ACOS NMS REAL do for you?

    • Scans of plants and installations
    • 360° recordings
    • CAD data
    • Exact site maps and floor plans
    • Reference points
    • Link to asset database
    • Integrated GIS-viewer
    • Magnetic field strength
    • Bluetooth and Wifi network
    • intuitive navigation in virtual spaces