Asset Management, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

The ACOS NMS Asset Information System from IDS supports energy supply companies in all processes related to maintenance, outage management and workforce management.

ACOS NMS is a modern web solution with standard interfaces; it has a modular structure and includes blocks for asset management as well as as maintenance, outage and workforce management, thereby facilitating a gradual and individual introduction of the system into the company environment.



Benefits of ACOS NMS

  • Suitable for all areas (electricity, gas, water, district heating, street lighting)
  • Scalable, can be continually expanded and upgraded
  • Updatable: safe and well-proven
  • Cyclic and event-oriented maintenance management
  • Outage management function, integrated into the SCADA system
  • Mobile solution for smartphones, tablets and convertibles/notebooks
  • Interfaces e.g. to GIS, ERP and SCADA
  • Standard and individual evaluations
  • Certified acc. to VDE 01090, "Maintenance of Installations and Equipment in Electrical Supply Networks”
  • Directives for gas and water installations acc. to DVGW
  • Fault statistics for electricity and gas installations for the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA)

Overview of ACOS NMS Modules

With our ACOS NMS asset information system we offer customized IT solutions for the core processes of supply companies and operators of networks and pipelines.

From consulting services through to complete turnkey solutions – IDS GmbH offers you the necessary means to act successfully on the market. ACOS NMS has a modular structure, thereby considerably facilitating its individual and step-by-step integration into your system. ACOS NMS includes the following modules:

Auftragsverwaltung - ACOS NMS WFM Mobile - ACOS NMS Mobile Digitalisierung Störungsmanagement - ACOS NMS OM Instandhaltung - ACOS NMS MM Betriebsmittel - ACOS NMS AM

Use Cases with ACOS NMS

Workforce Management

  • Transparent Order Management
  • Staff Deployment via Drag-n-Drop
  • Mobile Status Recording
  • Interface to ERP

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Outage Management

  • Checklist Forms for Fault Registration
  • Controlled Fault Elimination with Workflow
  • Interface to the Federal Network Agency and FNN (Network Technology Forum)

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Maintenance Management

  • ACOS NMS includes utility-specific maintenance measures, such as: VDE 0109 and DVGW
  • Strategies: cyclic maintenance, status-controlled maintenance and priority-/risk-based maintenance. Both strategies can be easily combined with one another.

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Asset Database

  • Predefined Sectors
  • Type Database
  • Parameterization Tool
  • Document Management
  • GIS Interface

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Workshops and Process Consultancy Services

In workshops, we from IDS GmbH join our customers to analyse and discuss our customers’ objectives and tasks, based on which we prepare a process description.

We record our customers‘ requirements, give advice with regard to all network management processes and outline possible solutions.The results of these workshops are recorded in a clear and plausible manner in the form of concepts as well as rough our more detailed specifications. Thus, right from the beginning, the focus is on your project requirements and all their details.

Project Management

We support your project from the beginning to the end – from the first project meeting through to the implementation and roll-out of the project, using concepts and solutions that have already proven their worth in practice and which can be implemented in a cost-effective and time-saving manner.

Implementation and Customizing

If our standard software does not exactly match your requirements, we customize existing software components and develop interfaces to other systems.

Implementation of projects is invariably based on the requirements your existing IT environment and your individual requirements.

Training Courses and Roll-out

Following installation, we support your key users and help them to familiarise themselves with the chosen software solution. Training courses for users provide your staff with hands-on experience with the new software solution.

Continuous Support

Our support continues even after the introduction of ACOS NMS. Our services portfolio includes ongoing support with maintenance and update services through to remote maintenance. Service Level Agreements (SLA) ensure a maximum of availability and reliability while the system is running.

Technologies and Partners

Our applications are web solutions in the field of network management for network operators. For the implementation of our systems, we rely on well-proven web technologies like Java, JavaScript and HTML. Our partner for databases is Oracle. As interfaces we use web services as part of our services-oriented system architecture; our EAI solution ACOS X4 enables us to respond to individual interface requirements with a wide range of adapter concepts. Thanks to flexible scalability of the blocks it is possible to build up systems that are not highly complex as well as high-availability solutions.