Integration Platform

In times of rising costs, growing data volumes and increasing complexity, owners of utility companies find it increasingly important to consistently reduce costs through efficient and comprehensive processes while simultaneously keeping supply quality on a high level.

This goal, however, can only be reached through networking of the individual systems, thereby enabling the economic optimization of the company’s overall processes.

The ACOS X4 integration platform enables users to work across systems, providing invaluable support for typical processes in supply companies in the fields of network control, maintenance, planning, operation and construction.

Benefits of ACOS X4 at a Glance

    • Avoidance of redundant data management
    • Improved data quality and consistency
    • Reduced costs through an increase in automation and shorter processing times
    • Lower complexity thanks to fewer interfaces
    • Flexible adaptation to continually changing requirements
    • Function expansion through manifold adapters -> easy connection of new (third-party) systems
    • Working processes are optimized and facilitated through automated processes
    • Increased efficiency and productivity

      IDS Solutions for Process Integration During Network Operation


      Standard System Integration for Supply Companies

      In the present-day system environment, many processes run parallel to each other: The same data are entered several times in distributed systems and are stored redundantly. As a consequence, data inconsistencies occur. With the ACOS X4 integration platform, IDS GmbH offers a powerful overall solution for the flexible and easily expandable interconnection of existing technical and commercial IT systems and for the optimization of business processes.

      Typical Applications:

      • Integration of external systems: ACOS X4 acts as a data hub for grid operation (e.g. integration of web portals, services, weather and load data, operations schedules etc.)
      • Integration of GIS master data: e.g. through using the CAIGOS GIS system or other GIS systems such as ESRI or Smallworld; import of network data into the IDS HIGH-LEIT SCADA system via GIS.
      • Integration of a consistent maintenance and troubleshooting process: e.g. automatic job order management through interconnection of the ACOS NMS product suite from IDS with SCADA, ERP and GIS systems

      ACOS X4 - A Wide Range of Applications

      Versatile Adapters

      ACOS X4 offers ready-made adapters for a wide variety of systems and databases. The Adapter Developer Kit (ADK) enables the quick and economical development of new adapters.

      Thus, the integration platform offers full functionality and flexibility. Examples for typical format adapters are:

      • EDI@GAS,
      • KISS (Excel),
      • PDF, XML or HTML

      System adapters are available for all the leading SCADA systems, all SAP modules, geographic information systems (GIS), asset information systems and for a wide range of other applications and databases.


      Integration of GIS Data

      The communication between ACOS X4 and the GIS server via browser enables authorized users to retrieve data irrespective of their location. For instance, it is possible to integrate asset data from the GIS into ACOS NMS, the IDS product suite for IT-based network management. Moreover, it is possible to integrate the geographic coordinates of assets into ACOS NMS via the CAIGOS GIS system from VIVAVIS.

      Example: Synchronization of asset data

      In our example, the GIS operates as the source system. Via ACOS X4, ACOS NMS has direct access to the database of the GIS; it cyclically reads out object data and synchronizes data records. If updates do not match with respect to their dates, the respective data records are modified in ACOS NMS. The data synchronization cycle can be freely selected.


      ERP Integration via ACOS X4

      Users can start actions in the ERP system via third-party systems (or vice versa).

      Example: Job order management via ACOS NMS and an ERP system

      Via ACOS X4, job orders can be created in the ERP system via ACOS NMS. A feedback of order-related costs can also be obtained via ACOS NMS. If a maintenance order is created in ACOS NMS, the same takes place simultaneously in the ERP system. It is thus possible to synchronize job order-related bookings (working hours, material, etc.)