Automation of Transportation Systems

From railway transport to inland water transport, motorway installations or tunnels: we offer comprehensive solutions for the automation of transportation systems. In railway networks, the IDS SCADA system is used e.g. for monitoring the traction power supply, both for A.C. (German Federal Rail - DB) and D.C. railway power supply networks (public transport systems). 

If outages are caused e.g. by construction works, the necessary control operations are switched by the control center to substitute cables and feeders.

For automation and telecontrol tasks we offer local control technology for power traction substations, overhead lines, as well as a data concentrator.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Comprehensive solutions for transportation applications, both for the control level and for telecontrol tasks
  • Tested and certified products (acc. to DIN 50121) for railway systems
  • Extensive know-how for the specific requirements of infrastructures
  • Integration of installations related to traffic infrastructures (escalators, lifts etc.)
  • Protection devices

IDS Solutions for Transportation Systems

IDS offers solutions for the following applications:

  • Railway Transportation System
  • Inland waterways
  • Motorway installations
  • Tunnels

We offer you the following Solutions

  • Our HIGH-LEIT SCADA system for the visualization and control of traction power system for metro and tram in public transportation networks, also alarm/signal acquisition in intelligent infrastructures (elevators, escalators, ventilation, mast switches etc.)
  • ACOS 750 RTUs according to Railway Standard 50121, for circuit control and monitoring of transformer stations and station environmental systems
  • ACOS NMS for intelligent maintenance of infrastructures and resource planning
  • Protection devices for Substation

    IDS Products for Transportation Systems

    Local Control Systems for German Rail

    For several years, DB Energie, the Energy division of German Rail, has been using products for the control of dead-end towers. This product was specifically developed by IDS for our client and has been approved for use by DB.

    Controlling Overhead Lines with HIGH-LEIT

    The IDS HIGH-LEIT SCADA system is suitable for controlling the power traction systems (PCS) and overhead line voltage. HIGH-LEIT does not only enable visualization of the railway network – it also provides intelligent switching rules which support operators in their day-to-day tasks.

    Secondary installations, like sleeper controls, railway crossings and dynamic passenger information systems, environmental control systems (ECS) can also be monitored via HIGH-LEIT.

    For more information, please also read our flyer on Chemnitzer Verkehrsbetriebe (Chemnitz Public Transport Company).

    Infrastructure Monitoring with HIGH-LEIT

    HIGH-LEIT is also suitable for the operation and monitoring of technical installations related to railway infrastructures. It can be used for the following tasks:

      • Monitoring of Passenger information & announcement, CCTV systems
      • Monitoring of Passenger platform screen doors (PSD)
      • Monitoring of Fare collection systems
      • Monitoring and Controlling of Auxiliary power systems,
      • Monitoring of Stations and tunnel lighting systems
      • Monitoring and Controlling of Elevators, escalator at stations
      • Monitoring and Controlling of Ventilation system
      • Monitoring of Fire systems
      • Monitoring of Emergency call systems
      • Monitoring and Controlling of Station passenger access gates