Intelligent Local Transformer Stations

The rapid expansion of decentralized power systems, particularly with a view to wind and photovoltaic energy installations, as well as the increasing number decentralized storage devices and private charging stations have led to a higher frequency of grid bottlenecks and grid problems even on the lower grid levels. The number of incalculable situations in power grids is therefore on the rise. Even worse, these problems are neither properly recognized nor eliminated due to rudimentary (m.v. grids) or entirely missing (l.v. grid) monitoring and control systems.
The ultimate goal is that the owners of power grids are able to ensure, despite the new risks and interference factors, fast troubleshooting, short power recovery times and secure monitoring of assets and equipment.

Your Benefits at a Glance

    • Economical and flexible, without the need for copper cables
    • Reduction of power recovery times in m.v. grids, preventive measures to avoid just those situations
    • Protection of equipment and installations with increasing decentralization
    • Continuous monitoring of cable load
    • Increased competitiveness thanks to flexibility and timely preparation for new requirements
    • Preparation for ever-increasing numbers of renewable energy sources and controllable loads, as well as the nationwide establishment of e-mobility infrastructures
    • Coordination and further development of activities and processes for system stabilization

      IDS Solutions for Intelligent Local Transformer Stations

      With the rapid expansion of renewable energies, local transformer stations are becoming increasingly important because 80% of all renewable energy sources are connected to the m.v. and n.v. grid.

      From Hardware to Complete Solutions – We have it All!

      Toolbox for Local Transformer Stations

      Changing challenges demand flexible solutions.Therefore we offer you a toolbox system for local transformer stations with the necessary secondary technology. Based on our ACOS 730 RTU we offer a variety of different solutions for your individual requirements. For this purpose, the ACOS 730 RTU, as the centerpiece, is expanded by the required functions and modules.

      Ourcomplete solution for intelligent local transformer stations offers the following functions and expansions:
      • Basic function: serves for the recording of general RTU signals and for the indication of short circuits and earth faults.
      • Expansion A: for control and feedback of switch disconnectors in m.v. systems.
      • Expansion B: for measuring power injections in n.v. systems.
      • Expansion C: for measuring outgoing circuits in n.v. systems.

      The above functionalities can be easily combined as required.

      Moreover we offer the following supplements:

      • Integrated GSM/LTE modem
      • Integrated SHDSL modem

      • Power supply for 230V A/C (with or without voltage back-up)

      ACOS 730 – Basic Functions

      The basic function servers for recording general RTU signals and for reading out information from earth fault and short-circuit indicators via Modbus.

      All data are recorded by the CU33A central processing unit. Apart from the transmission of possible alarms (error direction) from earth fault and short-circuit indicators, the CPU also enables the recording and transmission of measured values.

      Expansion A: Control and checkback signals from m.v. switch-disconnectors

      You can reduce power recovery times by means of a remote-controlled connection of the faulty point and by shifting the sectionalizer.

      This option enables the operation and monitoring of electrically driven m.v. switch-disconnectors. For this purpose, the IO34A I/O module can be included into the system.

      Expansion B: Measurement of L.V. Circuits

      You can record all measured electrical parameters on the transformer's l.v. side to enable continuous monitoring of capacity utilization.

      For this purpose, theACOS 730 RTU is supplemented by the MS33C measuring system module. This module enables a three-phase recording of currents (1A or 5A) and voltages (230V AC) through a direct connection of measured variables.

      Expansion C: Measurement of L.V. Injections

      This option enables measuring of the currents of the l.v. circuits (1-phase) for the continuous monitoring of the cable load.

      Metering of currents of the l.v. circuits are 1-phase measurements and is done through connecting the measured variables (1A and/or Rogowski) to expansion modules. These modules provide the recorded information via Modbus and transmit it to the CU33A central processing unit.

      The ACOS 7 in Local Transformer Stations

      The centerpiece of this solution the ACOS 730 RTU, which consists of the CU33A central processing unit and modules IO34A, MS33C and CM33A. It is flexible and versatile and therefore ideally suited for the ready-to-connect solution for intelligent local transformer stations. For more information on our "chameleon“ RTU, please click here


      Communication with the higher-level network control level can be done via the following different methods:
      • directly via IEC 60870-5-104 by means of IP-based communication pathways
      • by means of the 2/4G mobile radio controller CM33A
      • via GSM and LTE network, respectively, and SHDSL modem

      Our Partners

      IDS cooperates with the following selected partners to deliver our ready-to-connect solutions.


      DEHN+SÖHNE GmbH&Co. KG is an internationally active family-owned electrical engineering company. With 1,700 employees worldwide it is active all over the globe, offering innovative products and solutions as well as comprehensive services for lightning and overvoltage protection.
      DEHN provides individual protection concepts and components to protect sensitive electronic equipment in intelligent local transformer stations against lightning and overvoltages, thereby ensuring their availability and preventing costly and time-consuming maintenance works.

      Günther Spelsberg + Co. KG 

      Günther Spelsberg + Co. KG is one of the internationally leading manufacturers in the electronics sector, with particular emphasis on electrical installations and housings.
      For more than 100 years, Spelsberg has been synonymous with security, high quality and technical performance.

      We also offer intelligent local transformer station as turn-key complete solution through cooperation with further competent partners.