Station Automation Systems

Station automation systems (SAS) from IDS GmbH are characterized by a high degree of scalability on all switchgear levels.Thanks to their modular structure, they facilitate individual system configurations, offering ideal concepts to match your requirements. The focus is on user-friendly operation and easy engineering of installations and systems.

Our portfolio includes the supply of individual components through to turn-key systems, including decades of experience in the field of switchgear automation.

Benefits of Station Automation Systems from IDS

  • High degree of scalability on all switchgear levels
  • Modular structure for individual switchgear configuration
  • User-friendly operability and easy system engineering
  • We cover all areas and requirements - from delivery through to the creation of complete systems
  • Extensive know-how in the field of switchgear automation

Device Concepts

ACOS 750 including OP07A

Based on the modular ACOS 750 system, it is possible to configure highly flexible station automation systems for low-, medium-, high- and ultra-high voltage networks.

Our device concept enables the best possible adaptation to the project and system structure.  ACOS 750 can be used as bay computer, as station control computer across several stations or as a simple gateway and enables the free allocation of tasks. Modules for the recording of event signals and for output of measuring values and commands enable a direct connection to standard signal and command voltages, measuring transducers and switch drives without intermediate converters or to the coupling relay level. The OP07A can be used for operation and monitoring close to the actual process (e.g. local control), as well as for obtaining local information on process and system data.

Local Operation

Local operation is facilitated by an optimized version of the IDS HIGH-LEIT SCADA system. Visualization of systems and installations is freely configurable and can thus be adapted to the user’s operating concept. For this purpose, image elements are defined in HIGH-LEIT which can be combined and integrated into a complete systems by means of a modern object-oriented concept for image creation which also includes topological colouring.

For local controls, users can choose between individual libraries or templates.

Protection Devices

For more information on our protection equipment series, please read more about ACOS 300.


For application in switchgear, the IDS SAS station automation system features specialized functions (in accordance with VDEW recommendations on "Digital Station Control"), such as:

  • Extensive processing of event signals
  • Measurement and calculation of derived variables
  • Asymmetry monitoring and synchronized switching
  • Connection of network protection equipment, controllers and peripheral sensors
  • Secure processing of commands with external-circuit check
  • Automated operating steps, intertripping and interlocks
  • Standardized station bus communication (IEC61850/ IEC60870-5)
  • Connection of network protection equipment and peripheral sensors
  • Time synchronization and system monitoring
  • Extensive gateway functions

The ACOS ET Engineering Tool

Nowadays, there are various requirements on modern engineering tools – uniform engineering, diagnostic facilities and data security, to name but a few. ACOS ET fully complies with these requirements. Depending on the structure of an organisation, it is possible to implement both decentralised single workstations and central server solutions.

The graphic user environment of ACOS ET is largely wizard-supported, enabling consistent engineering, from hardware engineering through to the communication structure. Also, ACOS ET includes IEC 61850 engineering that has been developed for switchgear applications.

Advanced automation functions as well as visualization of local control operations can be flexibly implemented via CoDeSys® which is an integral part of ACOS 750.  
For local control, all functions of IDS SCADA System HIGH-LEIT are available.


Systems for switchgear automation can be extremely complex. The interaction of bay controllers, gateways, control units and network protection elements requires extensive communication structures and – if necessary – comprehensive network features.

Thus, a thorough know-how is required for the quick and professional realisation of projects, from planning through to their implementation. We provide experience and know-how for all sectors in the form of extensive services, offering support and consultancy services prior to the beginning of projects, preparing system concepts based on the customers’ organisation structures, supplying systems and carrying the commissioning of complete systems as well as of individual devices. Our scope of services also includes final tests, such as bit tests or testing protection functions, including their documentation.

We are able to offer you all services either as individual measures or regularly as part of a service agreement with activities at regular intervals, depending on your requirements.