Automation and Telecontrol Equipment from IDS

IDS GmbH offers powerful automation and telecontrol equipment and systems especially for applications in the supply industry. Here, the focus is both on easy and efficient engineering and on investment security.

Moreover, the RTUs from the ACOS 7 series fulfil the highest IT security demands. Our advantage: We offer different designs with uniform communication based on a consistent software platform.



Benefits of IDS Telecontrol Systems

  • Flexible & compact: Modular structure, scalable and expandable
  • Easy, quick and secure parameterization With ACOS ET
  • Logic functions: acc. to IEC 61131-3 with CODESYS® V3
  • SD card: enables easy and user-friendly parameterization
  • Multi-LAN: enables the creation of separate IP networks, e.g. for connection to direct sellers and grid operators
  • Secure: supports IPSec, OpenVPN or IEC 62351-3 (TLS) encryption standards
  • Sturdy: For temperature ranges from -20°C to +70°C
  • Web interface: extensive diagnostic function

    The ACOS 7 Series

    ACOS 730 -Compact and Adaptable

    With ACOS 730, IDS GmbH has introduced a product that is flexible and suitable for small telecontrol applications.  The new ACOS 730 RTU is not only the latest member of the ACOS 7 product family but also one of the most compact RTUs currently available on the market.

    Small but Powerful
    The new ACOS 730 RTU is a small in size - but big when it comes to its scope of functions:

    • Multi-lingual: communication via IEC 60870/61850, Modbus
    • Big on IT security: for ISMS or certification acc. to ISO 27019
    • Simple and efficient engineering with ACOS ET
    • Scalable according to requirements

    From Smart Grid Controllers in Local Transformer Stations to Application as Control Box

    ACOS 730 was specially developed for small-scale telecontrol applications, e.g. as a Smart Grid controller for intelligent control of local transformer stations, street lighting control or as control and monitoring unit in pipeline networks.

    Within the digitization of the energy turnaround, ACOS 730 is also suitable as an expanded control box for large-size power generation plants. As of 2020 at the latest, grid operators face the following challenge: When it comes to power generation, they may only intervene in grid processes via the Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW). Control boxes are connected via the CLS interface (CLS = Controllable Local System) of the SMGW.

    ACOS 750 – Flexible and Versatile

    With the ACOS 750 automation and telecontrol device, IDS offers a powerful system to meet the highest demands. ACOS 750 has a modular structure and can be scaled according to individual requirements. For this purpose, we offer long-range power supply units, powerful CPU modules and a wide range of I/O modules. These items can be set up both centrally and decentrally on the basis of EtherCAT® technology.

    Automation and Telecontrol

    ACOS 750 unites powerful automation and sturdy telecontrol features in one single RTU. The integrated PLC on a CODESYS® V3 basis enables users to implement complex automation and programming tasks according to IEC 61131-3.

    IDS 850/650/640

    Efficiency, flexibility, reliability, sturdiness and a long service life: Those features have made the IDS 850 RTU outstanding for more than 20 years. More than 100 proprietary telecontrol protocols have already been implemented, thereby enabling the realization of successive migration concepts for all types of telecontrol networks.

    Of course, the focus is also on IT Security. IDS 850 can be upgraded with the required communication modules, thereby enabling you to operate your systems within IP networks that are in accordance with the BDEW whitepaper’s security directive.
    The IDS RTU series is rounded off by the compact RTUs, IDS 650 and IDS 640.

    Telecontrol Modems

    PFuture IT and communication infrastructures will be largely dominated by private and public communication networks, using standard and commercially available IT components. For decentralized applications, devices from the ACOS 7 series offer cost-optimized solutions based on integrated GPRS modules.

    Our portfolio is rounded off with the universally usable AC telegraphy modem FM11A for private copper cables, and with ACOS 711, a powerful compact RTU with integrated TETRA communication module.

    ACOS 711 can be used both as stand-alone RTU or as a gateway for the connection of existing systems.

    Engineering with ACOS ET

    IDS automation and telecontrol devices can be commissioned quickly and easily by means of the ACOS ET Engineering Tool. 
    It can be used for the following purposes:

    • Project administration in single-user and multi-user projects
    • Intuitive operation and operator guidance via wizard
    • Graphic device engineering
    • Set-up of communication links via a graphic network plan
    • Certificate management
    • Device parameterization via microSD card, either locally or via remote transmission
    • Comprehensive diagnostics (event logs, hardware diagnostics, online process values, web interface)
    • Data traffic analysis for IEC 60870-5-101/-104 links
    • Terminal report for quick documentation of the bit test
    • Back-reading of device parameterization from the RTU
    • Data import/export via MS EXCEL®

    Additional benefits for consistent and efficient solutions are created through combinations with IDS SCADA System HIGH-LEIT. In the event of migrations, data models can be easily exported and synchronized. Engineering of the telecontrol network is done exclusively by means of ACOS ET.

    Services for Telecontrol and Automation

    The primary equipment in power, gas and water supply systems has a longer service life than the secondary equipment. Whereas the latter usually needs to be replaced after 15 – 20 years, the primary equipment, as a rule, has a life expectancy of twice that time.

    We offer a wide range of services for all aspects of telecontrol and automation, starting with commissioning on your premises up to troubleshooting and fault elimination. Our experienced and highly-skilled staff provide competent support and flexible solutions for all your requirements.

    Additionally, we also offer various workshops – either at our headquarters in Ettlingen or on your premises – to give you hands-on experience with the parameterization and diagnostic functions of our telecontrol equipment.

    Planning and Modernization of Telecontrol Networks

    Thanks to our broad experience and extensive know-how, we are able to offer you turn-key complete solutions or specific service options for the planning and modernization of your telecontrol networks. Our scope of services ranges from the exchange of telecontrol or automation components  through to the modernization of complete systems.
    From planning to the implementation of systems and the provision of services – we do it all:

    • Analysis
    • Preparation of concepts (e.g. switchover from proprietary telecontrol protocols to standardized protocols acc. to IEC60870-5-101/104)
    • Selection of suitable technologies
    • (Pre-)parameterization, tests, delivery
    • Installation and commissioning
    • Documentation
    • Support, maintenance, training

    We also offer:

    • Support/advice for problems related to IT security in telecontrol systems
    • PLC programming and visualization via touch panel
    • Pre-parameterization of RTUs according to your requirements
    • Preventive maintenance of RTUs or complete telecontrol networks