IDS Newsletter 2018

  • Tested and Confirmed – IT Security of IDS RTUs on a High Level
  • Always Up-to-Date (I) – New Release: IDS HIGH-LEIT 4.23
  • Be Prepared – Our Redundancy Concepts for Telecontrol Applications
  • Always Up-to-Date (II) – The latest Release Numbers

IDS Newsletter 2017

  • Renovation of the Water System in Mersin, Turkey
  • Five Good Reasons for a HIGH-LEIT Update
  • 49 ACOS 750 for Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA), UAE
  • ACOS 730 - The Smart and Compact RTU

IDS-News 03/2016

  • Server Virtualization in SCADA Systems
  • Server Virtualization and IT Security
  • IDS Device Data now also available via the EPLAN Data Portal
  • IDS GmbH on E-world energy and & water

IDS News 02/2016

  • IDS supplies RTUs to E.ON Sweden
  • Substation Automation with ACOS 750 SAS
  • IT Security for SCADA Systems and RTUs
  • Upgrade of HIGH-LEIT SCADA System

    IDS News 01/2016

    • Assessment of Voltage Quality for Low, Medium and High Voltage Systems
    • Critical Vulnerability in ASA Firewalls
    • New Modules for ACOS 750 RTU
    • IDS Group sets up Partnership with Tableau Software