Further References

SCADA System for the Metallurgical Industry (Eisenhüttenstadt/E. Germany)
ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt belongs to ARCELOR Group, the world‘s biggest steel producer. Apart from providing electricity, gas, heat and steam to the steel mill, VEO also supplies the neighbouring industrial areas with heat and electricity from the industrial power plant. In 1994, IDS GmbH won the contract for the installation of a SCADA and telecontrol system.

In Pracitce: SCADA System, Telecontrol

Chemnitzer Verkehrs-AG (Germany)

Chemnitzer Verkehrs-AG (CVAG) is the public transport company in Chemnitz/Eastern Germany, transporting ca. 100,000 passengers daily to their destinations. The transport network is continually being upgraded and expanded to ensure the quick, safe and comfortable transport of all passengers.

In Practice: SCADA system, Automation and Telecontrol, Station Automation System

Stadtwerke Bonn Verkehrs-GmbH (Germany)
Following an EU public tender, SWBV commissioned IDS with the installation of a redundant HIGH-LEIT SCADA system and telecontrol equipment.

In Practice: SCADA system, Telecontrol