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Our products and solutions can be used for the optimisation of multi-utility systems (electricity/gas/district heating). They provide all the necessary functions for the clear and structured implementation of multi-utility control rooms.

HEW HofEnergie + Wasser GmbH (Germany)
For more than 30 years now, the multi-utility company HEW HofEnergie + Wasser (HEW) from Bavaria has relied on technology from IDS GmbH for the operation and monitoring of its power grids. In their more than 30-years' relationship, both companies have seen and successfully coped with a variety of political, entrepreneurial and technical changes.

In Practice: SCADA system, Telecontrol, ACOS NMS

Mittelhessen Netz GmbH / Stadtwerke Gießen (Germany)
Within the context of the energy turnaround, the ACOS EEM feed-in management function plays a central role. This function enables the planning, registration and connection of renewable energy plants, the precise monitoring of low- and medium-voltage grids, as well as automatic adjustment of a plant’s power output.

In Practice: SCADA system, Telecontrol, ACOS NMS

Stadtwerke Bernburg GmbH

Stadtwerke Bernburg GmbH (Bernburg Utility Company) in the state of Saxony-Anhalt supply more than 24,800 customers with electricity, natural gas and district heating – every day, year round.  Whether it is SCADA, telecontrol, automation technology or outage management and maintenance: Stadtwerke Bernburg relies on products and solutions from IDS GmbH – and has done so for more than 20 years now.
In Practice: SCADA system, Telecontrol, ACOS NMS, Station Automation/Protections Equipment

Stadtwerke Weinheim GmbH (Germany)
For more than 100 years, Stadtwerke Weinheim (SWW) has provided the inhabitants of the Weinheim region in the south-west of Germany with electricity, gas, local heat and water. The ACOS NMS basic module and the asset and outage management modules were put into operation, thereby enabling the electronic acquisition, reporting and archiving of faults.

In Practice: ACOS NMS

Zwickauer Energieversorgung GmbH (Germany)
Since 1996, ZEV GmbH owns a telecontrol and SCADA system from IDS GmbH which has been continually upgraded over the past years to include the latest technical developments. In May 2004, IDS GmbH was commissioned to implement a comprehensive network management system designed to support the “classic” tasks in the domains power, natural gas and district heating, and which was to include interfaces to all technical IT applications, including SAP/R3.

In Practice: SCADA system, Telecontrol, ACOS NMS