Greater Security with ACOS 7

The acquisition, transmission and processing of information is vital for the operation of critical infrastructure in energy supply systems. In this context, measures to improve IT security are of paramount importance.

Secure Engineering with ACOS ET

To improve IT security in engineering, ACOS ET does not only offer different user roles and rights but also enables users to authenticate themselves, either locally or to central authentication points (e.g. Windows AD). For this purpose, the encryption of project data, as well as secure transmission of parameterization data to the RTUs based on certificate-based authentication, is an absolute must. In addition, sets of parameters and firmware update packages are tested for their integrity.

Secure Communication

For the encryption of data transmission via network-based telecontrol protocols by means of public or private network infrastructures, the devices from the ACOS 7 series offer the possibility of establishing secure transmission links on the basis of certificate-based authentication or preshared keys, through using OpenVPN or IPSec. Furthermore, they also enable end-to-end encryption for private networks in accordance with IEC 62351-3.  Authentication to network components takes place in accordance with IEEE 802.1X. The device firewall monitors data transmission and protects the device against attacks.

Diagnostics and Logging

Diagnostics of RTUs takes place via ACOS ET or via the integrated web server, the latter of which also has different user roles and rights. For diagnostic purposes, we recommend to set up different zones or a segmentation across VLANs. Logging of security-relevant events takes place on the basis of Syslog. Additionally, it is possible to poll information by means of SNMPv3.

The devices from the ACOS 7 series can be configured to meet your individual requirements.