Benefit from Synergies of IDS Group: IT Security Analysis by Systema

Information Security Management System for Energy Suppliers

The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) pursues a policy to ensure that the risks faced by power companies in the field of data and information security are taken into account. In its draft of an IT security catalogue, BNetzA has laid down that power companies are obliged to introduce and certify an information security management system (ISMS) according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001. Naturally this also applies to SCADA systems which are an integral part of the energy supplier’s IT infrastructure.
IT security analyses enable the detection of potential risks, dangers and possible sources of faults within a company. These analyses do not only focus on technical but also on organizational aspects, such as problems related to staff, the organizational structures and regulations. This strategy takes into account that IT security is a matter that affects all processes and areas of a company.
We cooperate with our sister company Systema Gesellschaft für angewandte Datentechnik mbH to offer you the following services:

IT Security Analysis – Premium Package
Das Premiumpaket bietet einen pragmatischen Lösungsansatz. Sie erhalten einen Our Premium Package offers a pragmatic approach to your IT security strategy. It includes a catalog of concrete and individual measures which highlights vulnerabilities and potential for improvement. Here, both organizational and technical aspects are taken into account.
This catalog can be used as a checklist for the step-by-step processing of the given tasks.
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