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    IDS network management systems

    Outage and maintenance management. With ACOS NMS.
  • IDS protection equipment

    Reliable and flexible for medium and high voltage. With IDS protection equpiment ACOS 300.

    Secure telecontrol and monitoring. With IDS ACOS 7 series.

Geodata-based Visualization in HIGH-LEIT

The geodata-based visualization in our SCADA system HIGH-LEIT is useful for service and maintenance works, in that it provides a better overview of upcoming maintenance tasks.


3D Digitialization with ACOS NMS

In the future, the staff of utility companies are able to move freely through a 3D image of their different installations (e.g. transformer stations) directly from their control centre – provided that they are using our new 3D imaging module of our ACOS NMS asset information and maintenance system.


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