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  • IDS protection equipment

    Reliable and flexible for medium and high voltage. With IDS protection equpiment ACOS 300.

    Secure telecontrol and monitoring. With IDS ACOS 7 series.
  • IDS SCADA system

    A smooth network operation. With IDS HIGH-LEIT SCADA system.
  • IDS network management systems

    Outage and maintenance management. With ACOS NMS.


IDS Development focuses on Smart Grid Solutions

The rapid growth of the renewable energy sector and the lack of suitable storage facilities have created new problems for all the involved parties, requiring instant action. The assessment of the current production and load situation and its management, which is required to ensure the stability of the power grid, is no longer the exclusive domain of the transmission network operators (TNOs) but, to an increasing extent, that of the distribution network operators (DNOs).

IDS GmbH have continually developed their well-proven and successful products for telemetry, automation, process control and network management for smart power grids, to provide integrated, future-oriented solutions for almost any kind of tasks related to smart grids (intelligent networks).

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